Support Our Work

Since 2016, we have worked with funds from our own pockets, and small donations from compañeros in solidarity with us. But as news has spread of our project and the scale and duration of detention faced by Maya migrants has grown, so has the level of need and requests for support from our partners, we have seen a need to develop workshops in the principal cities of Northern, Central, and Western Guatemala to recruit and train new volunteers. 

We are expanding our promotor-a-promotor training program in 2022, with the goal of doubling our network of volunteers from 300 to 600. Make a donation to help support our work!

You can contribute to our project by PayPal, or by sending a check with the note “PLM” to our fiscal sponsor, UPAVIM Community Development Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization based in Texas.

We are always looking for bilingual promotores (who speak a Mayan language from Guatemala and Spanish or English) to participate in our solidarity support work. If you are against the violation of the human right to migrate with dignity, send us a message to or to our Facebook page @liberacionmigrante; we will be in touch soon.